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I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me. Joshua Graham

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How can emptiness be so heavy? Six Word Story

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Richey Beckett

Richey Beckett

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Timur Khabirov

Timur Khabirov

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Gilead Media Fest II

Gilead Media Fest II

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Celes by Kaelycea

Celes by Kaelycea

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Anonymous said: what's with the modified-f celtic chain logo? its a bit reminiscent of the nazim symbol (google it, it won't let me put a link in)

no need to be anonymous for this question. if you look at it more carefully you can see it represents the L and D of Limbs Disarm in the ogham alphabet (it has nothing to do with a modified-f), behind it there is a celtic knot that an amazing artist from Ireland did for us. hopefully I answered your question, I think there is no need to stress the fact that it has nothing to do with nazism or fascism. if you have any further question, please ask (maybe not anonymously?).

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